Where to where?

The team set off from Arklow on Irleand's east coast and will be sailing almost due east to Aberdovey in mid-Wales. The distance is approximately 90 miles and if the team average 10 knots (kitesufers are capable of speeds of up to 40 knots, but this will be in rough seas and for a extended period of time) this should take about 9 hours to complete.


The team have set aside all four weekends in September2007 which traditionally offers the best balance between good wind and warm water. As soon as the forecast looks good for one of these weekends, the team will cross to Ireland to begin the sail. Whilst the riders will go over to Ireland by ferry, the support boats will have to drive over before they can come back, so making the judgement call on weather is critical to the success of the mission.

What's involved?

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport where the rider flies a large inflatable kite on 30 metre lines which is used to pull him or her across the surface of the water on a small board of around 135cms in length. The rider must be skilful at both flying the kite and riding the board, and in this case will need to do both of these for a long time which will be a true test of stamina. The team must eat and drink on the move and will need to contend with a wide variety of conditions during the passage.

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