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At around 17:00 on Friday 14th September 2007, Al Crisp and Rupert Tildesley became the first men ever to kitesurf across the Irish Sea. Their Crossing was the first to make a land to land passage from Ireland to Wales without intervention from the support boat.

After leaving Wicklow at 09:30 and enduring a gruelling 7+ hours of sailing, fighting light patches in the wind, the day culminated in the result we had all been hoping for. Check the photos in the gallery and watch the video to find out all that happened.





  • Listen to Al's interview with Oliver Hides on BBC Radio Wales (click left)


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A BIG THANK YOU goes to all the team on the support boat and of course all those who have contributed to the very worthy causes for which money was being raised. The phones have been ringing endlessly with messages from well wishers and the guys are really grateful for all the support shown. Check out the comments that have been left for us on our Justgiving page. Here are some of our favourites

Simon Owen A great challenge that I am sure you will conquer...bon chance! 
Simon Mccombe Great job fellas...never in doubt! 
robin goodlad fair do's to the boys... I knew you'd do it!!!! What's next?? 
Geordie and Jo Hope it went well fellas 
Jay Haig Nice one boys. Proud of you! 
Jen Newbery good luck guys,hope the wind blows for you! 
Michele Cronk A fantastic achievement - well done !!!  
Andy & Lorraine Evans Good luck guys!! You nutters!! 
John Coles Good luck guys, this is a tough way to raise money, take care 
Mark & Nat Best of luck! What a fab idea! 
anon best of luck 
Giles Lewis Top Work Rupes.  
John Wilson Absolute madness - Good Luck! 
simon haworth All this just to save the cost of a ferry ticket?! 
Rob Harford Best of luck, it is a strong challenge. 
gareth w if you see fjords, you've gone too far! good luck! 
"The Ferrets" aka Antonia & Polly Good luck with the 9 hour target - funnily enough we did it last week in 7! 
Sarah Quinlan I'll be keeping a beady eye from the nice safe (very wet) rib!xxxxxxx 
Don x I promise to go to church every Sunday until you are both back home safely in Aberdovey - Crazy boys 
Motley best of luck - you'll need it! 
Andy Torrance All the best Rupe - great cause but rather you than me! 
Ali Tovey "A donf" as Ellen would say (go for it!). Keep safe x 
Piers & Kate Covill You're nuts - but good luck! 
Victoria Humphries (Riches) Barking mad, but what a challenge!!! Best of luck - will be thinking of you both. Vxx 
dave cowell good luck !! you might need it !! 
liz aylmer Wow good luck! any room for Tony!!!! 
Ian Jenkins Coming out of the Liffey, head for the very big island to your left.  

If you are new to this website and are unsure what all the fuss is about, please read 'the mission' to find out how crackers they are.

The lads complete a 35 miler
Fairbourne to Aberdovey and then on to Aberystwyth
Posted: 4:51:06 AM - 4/10/2019

Flexifoil sponsor The Crossing
Britain's foremost kite manufacturer comes on board to sponsor the Crossing by providing Rupes and Al with their kites for the trip. Flexifoil also look after 3-time world champion Aaron Hadlow, so what they don't know about kites isn't worth knowing.
Posted: 4:50:38 AM - 4/10/2019

MFG solicitors join the corporate sponsorship effort
Shropshire based firm of solicitors MFG pledged their support of the Crossing and are running a fundraiser for the hospital as part of their sponsorship alongside the Crossing
Posted: 4:28:42 AM - 1/21/2019

Mark Shinn supports the Crossing
Former world champion and kitesurfing legend Mark Shinn wrote a note to Al and Rupert when news reached Tenerife of The Crossing.
Posted: 4:28:24 AM - 1/21/2019

We are off!!
We are leaving today for the Irish coast, to do the attempt tomorrow. All the logisitics are sorted, now we just need the wind to do its thing......
Posted: 4:27:47 AM - 1/21/2019

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